Sponsored Student Support Services


PETROLEUM EXPERTISE Directors and staff have recently, and for previous employers, developed and delivered “sponsored student support services” to a number of international clients.  They have successfully supported UK-based training and education programmes for over 500 trainees / students in recent years.  Sponsoring organisations have included:

· Sonatrach (Algeria); Training and Development

· Sonangol P&P (Angola);

· Kazakh-British Technical University (Kazakhstan);

· National Oil Company (Libya) and individual sponsors such as Agip, Azzawiya, Jowffe, PTI, Rasco, Repsol, Sirte, STC, Veba, Wintershall, and Zuetina;

· Oman LNG;

· Nigeria LNG;

· BP Vietnam; and

· DPE / PEDP II / SRGB (Bangladesh).



PETROLEUM EXPERTISE is now offering a range of similar services to clients in selected markets.  The services might include, but not necessarily be limited to:

· Identifying possible host training and education suppliers and suitable programmes in the UK,

· Assisting trainees / students to prepare applications,

· Liaising with host organisations to check progress of applications,

· Advising applicants and sponsors on results and any applicable conditions,

· Assisting trainees / students to find suitable accommodation in the UK,

· Assisting trainees / students with visas and travel arrangements,

· Meeting trainees on arrival in the UK and helping them to settle quickly,

· Assisting sponsors / trainees to establish UK bank accounts,

· Assisting trainees to register with doctors, dentists etc,

· Controlling the flow of funds from sponsor to trainee if necessary,

· Settling all invoices for tuition fees, accommodation, medic5al expenses on behalf of sponsor if required, 

· Providing advice and other support to trainees as required,

· Liaising with trainees and host organisations to monitor and optimise trainee performance, 

· Providing regular feedback to sponsor regarding trainee performance,

· Providing regular feedback to sponsor regarding performance and suitability of host organisations,

· Liaising with sponsors to organise programme management / supervisory visits to the UK,,

· Assisting trainees to repatriate at the end of the agreed training period.