Staff Development

Training and DevelopmentPETROLEUM EXPERTISE has extensive experience in Human Resource Development and can offer a comprehensive range of services including:

· Staff Development Strategies

· Manpower Forecasting

· Recruitment Planning

· Succession Planning

· Staff Recruitment & Selection Methods

· Training & Development Methods

· Mentoring Systems

· Training Needs Analysis

· Designing Training & Development Programmes

· Arranging Education, Training & Development Programmes (home or abroad)

· Managing the Training & Development Process

· Oilfield Training Centres (Feasibility and Viability Studies)

· Reviewing local Education Systems, Methods and Standards


Infrastructure Development

 PETROLEUM EXPERTISE can help government, industrial clients, financial institutions, or education and training providers to:

· Define the future education and training needs of an industrial sector

· Define the facilities needed to deliver the education and training

· Source appropriate education and training partners

· Establish appropriate education and training programmes


Market Development

PETROLEUM EXPERTISE can help education and training providers to:

· Clarify market needs in terms of education and training

· Clarify the market opportunity for client companies

· Suggest appropriate market entry strategies

· Develop specific market opportunities

· Develop supportive partnerships between international and local providers

· Coordinate programme delivery to meet client requirements